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Hair Extensions

Clip in Hair ExtensionsWhat are hair extensions?

According to Wikipedia ‘hair extensions add length and/or fullness to human hair’

Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair. The hair that is natural human hair can be permed, dyed, and flat ironed whereas synthetic hair cannot.’

Hair extensions are extra pieces of hair which are added to a persons natural hair to increase the length or volume.  Hair extensions are available in a range of different attachment methods, what a person is trying to achieve by using hair extensions, will determine the application method best suited to them. 


Hair extensions application methods can generally be separated into two categories:

DIY Hair Extensions

Permanent Hair Extensions


DIY hair extensions are low maintenance application methods which can be applied and removed by an individual in the comfort of their own home.  DIY hair extension application methods include:

Clip in Hair Extensions

Flip in Hair Extensions

Clip on Hair Pieces


Permanent hair extensions are higher maintenance application methods which need to be maintained by a trained professional. Permanent hair extension application methods include:

Tape Hair Extensions

Micro Loop/ Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair Weaves / Tracking


Hair extensions are produced with a variety of different materials, the price of the hair extensions will generally reflect the quality of materials they have been produced with.  The reason why a person is choosing to use hair extensions, will determine which quality of hair extensions is best suited for them.

Different grades of human hair are used to produce human hair extensions, some hair extensions are also produced with a synthetic hair fibre.

What are the different grades of human hair used to produce human hair extensions?

When should a person use human hair extensions?

When should a person use synthetic hair extensions?